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Powerflow designs and installs complete pump and pipe work systems, from conception to commissioning to regular monitoring. Powerflow will also upgrade existing equipment to improve efficiency, coming up with value-for-money solutions and using lateral thinking to solve the most difficult problems.

As well as the electrical and mechanical installation of equipment, we will undertake trench excavation and road crossing as part of our pipe-laying service, as well as the groundworks necessary to install above- and below-ground tanks. Our fully equipped vehicles have all the kit necessary to install and service pumps, fabricate and weld steel, fusion-weld PE pipe, cut and thread steel pipe, safely enter confined spaces and detect and avoid underground pipes and cable.

We're used to adapting to our clients' operations on site, working flexibly and which often means organising upgrading, maintenance or repairs in small windows of opportunity during factory shutdowns or between shifts. For example, for our client Newmarket Racecourse, we dug a trench alongside the racecourse, installed the pipework and re-turfed, all in the gaps between televised races!

Tell us about what you need, or see our case studies for examples of what we can do for you. Here's an outline of some of our services in supplying and installing:


Powerflow will source and install the most efficient pumps for your needs. For example:

Centrifugal pumps

From a straightforward 3.0kW wash-down pump to a 150KW quarry dewatering pump, Powerflow can supply pumps to handle anything from clear water to corrosive mediums or abrasive slurries. We can help with a direct replacement of your existing kit, or explore the possibilities for a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Submersible pumps

These offer a quiet and unobtrusive solution, and can be used in a vast array of applications, from boreholes to fish farms to sewage pumping schemes. Where surface-mounted pumps may present priming problems, modern submersibles can be selected to fulfil reliably a wide range of duties from high head to high flow. They can incorporate special features such as solids handling, high efficiency impellers, and hard iron or rubber lined wearing parts for enhanced service life in arduous environments.

Variable speed drives

To provide energy-efficient, precise control of pump output, we can install an electronic variable speed drive to electric pump motors. Variable speed drives ensure a pump operates to the exact criteria you need – for example, constant pressure where demand varies (such as in water distribution or irrigation); constant flow where head varies; or constant level under varying flow conditions. In tank emptying or tank filling applications, a variable speed drive will enable a pump to match exactly the incoming and outgoing flow, improving efficiency and reducing operating problems.

Control systems

The 'brains' of any operation, the control systems Powerflow installs will keep everything running smoothly and protect equipment. They are easy-to-use and provide clear operational information, with real-time displays showing criteria such as motor amps, flow, pressure and level, and storage of historical data for analysis as necessary. We can provide you with remote access to the control system via landline or GMS modem/PC link.

Powerflow has supplied many hundreds of control systems which include high quality electrical components and are often specifically designed with customised features to provide our clients with exactly what they need.

Pipe systems

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